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100ml carry-on spray (B100)

100ml carry-on spray (B100)

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Product Description

Product name : 100ml carry-on spray

Capacity : 100 ml

Product model : B100

Beidaan Air Disinfection and Purification Liquid 100ml is easy to carry on the machine上機


Suggested application range:

Home Epidemic Prevention Living/dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, cloakroom, storage room, shoe cabinet and carpet, etc.、鞋櫃及地氈等。

Child care Disinfection of daily necessities (hair doll/toy tableware, BB bed, school bag and BB cart, etc.)B車等)。

Car compartment purification Purify the air, sterilize and decompose formaldehyde and odors in the car compartment (food odor, smoke odor, pet odor, etc.)異味等)。

Sports hygiene Disinfection of sports equipment (communal towel for fitness equipment, yoga cushion, sports clothing, etc.)物等)。


BioEmAir Disinfection and Purification Liquid

Main natural plant ingredients:

Spearmint, Artemisinin, Artemisinin蒿素

✅#Effectively kill the new crown virus up to 99.99%*
✅Natural patented formula
✅#suitable for anyone
✅Won the overseas FDA certification
✅One spray aseptic is widely used泛
✅#specifically for upper respiratory tract infections
✅Decompose TVOC to remove formaldehyde醛
✅#Passed three major human safety tests (including human long-term inhalation skin sensitivity and acute eye irritation test))

*Tested according to EU standard EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 Annex Ainformative - Enveloped viruses, BioEm can inhibit the activity of Vaccinia Virus and the virus killing rate reaches 99.99%.99%。


General usage:

When using, it can be sprayed directly on the air or the surface of objects for disinfection and sterilization. However, this product is made of natural ingredients and may discolor the protective coating on leather and wood products. It is recommended to wipe it off immediately after use.後立即抹走。



For external use only. Children must use under the guidance of adults. Avoid direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place.乾燥處。



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The company uses S.F. Express send the item

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