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BioEm air sanitizing and purifying liquid patented natural formula can be used alone or used with the BioEm’s device for the sterilization in different indoor area. BioEm air sanitizing and purifying liquid is certified by the authorities which is safe and reliable. BioEm air sanitizing and purifying liquid has been used by different groups and organizations, customers including: listed companies, international insurance groups, premium hair salon, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and etc.

St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School


Clean Air Action Group

Convener – Yolanda Ng

Mankind has done so much damage in the name of “Technological development”. As a result, we are faced with serious air pollution problems such as screening effect of towering, and car drivers not turning off their vehicles engines during traffic jam, releasing waste gas that accumulates and pollutes the air. Yolanda Ng, the Convener of Clean Air Action Group stated that obviously the Hong Kong government should have a more comprehensive planning to imporve air quality. Although the government has issued guidelines for institutions and provided fundings for civil environmental protection groups, there are not enough regulations restricting the behaviour of those industries responsible for air pollution. Clean Air Action Group strives to improve air quality since founded, and promoting “Banning Idling Vehicle with Running Engine” is one of the jobs they have done

China Infrastructure Investment Limited (stock code : 0600)

Executive Director – Lee Siu Yuk, Eliza

Ms Lee Siu Yuk is the Executive Director of China Infrastructure Investment Limited, whose shares are listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The Company is primarily an investment holding company and its investment portfolio includes hotel investment, property development and casinos throughout China, Hong Kong and Macau. Although Ms Lee is busy with her life as an Executive Director in a listed company, she still cares very much about her health. As a keen hiker, Ms Lee thinks that Hong Kong’s air quality nowadays has gone considerably worse. She can smell a polluted air in the countryside, not quite an enjoyable experience. The suspended particles have contaminated the air in a way that, the Victoria Harbour is just a thick screen of mist and cloud viewed from the hills.

Ms Lee believes that corporate social responsibility is always her concern, such as staff welfare, medical health and working environment. She is well aware of the importance of air quality to one’s health, “I expect the air in my working environment to be pure and fresh. Bad air quality with poor circulation would make me drowsy and cannot focus on my work.” To improve the air quality in the office, she has installed BioEm Immunization System, “I had always been frustrated by allergenic rhinitis. But my allergy has improved a lot since the system was installed”. Due to her allergenic rhinitis, Ms Lee is always teased by her client for her eye-drop and running nose during meetings, to her embarrassment. But with the installation of BioEm Immunization System, those embarrassing days are now history. In addition, when there was a staff member catching flu in the office in the past, a few more would be sick within days. But now the condition of cross infections has been improved with less staff calling for sick leaves. Ms Lee further added, “Investing on the improvement of staff’s working environment is an invisible welfare. And the rewards exceed our investment. As long as our colleagues become healthier, they work with greater efficiency. At the end, the company benefits most.”

Bio-Therapeutic Computers, Ltd.

President CEO – Dr Tat Chee Tam

Bio-Therapeutic Computers, Ltd. has twenty two history is founded by Dr Tat Chee Tam. The company has now established itself as a leader in distributing advanced beauty equippment and products to Asia. Their clients includes many well-known beauty and fitness centers. Dr Tat Chee Tam is a pioneer of the beauty industry in Hong Kong. He was the first person to create natural therapy to operate in coordination with beauty apparatus.

Air pollution in Hong Kong has gone from bad to worse, which not just affected people’s skin condition but also their repiratory health. As a result, they always go to beauty and fitness centers to pursue beauty and health. “However, these kinds of public area are always the hotbed of bacteria,” Dr Tat Chee Tam beleives. “And people would release lots of carbon dioxide during their work out. This would increase the chances of bacteria spread and that would be a concern of hygience there.” Some of the beauty and fitness centers assume that indoor air quality can be improved by enhancing the ventilation or using aromatic and general air cleaner as auxiliary. However, large amounts of dust and bacteria often accumulate inside the buliding’s central air conditioner. And contaminated air circulate continuously within the pipelines of air conditioner. Moreover, some of the aromatic products contain chemicals that are harmful for human body. But air cleaner in general can just filter the suspended particles in the air, which is not a reliable device for sterilization and germ-killing. “But Bio-Therapeutic and our beauty center agencies are all using BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid and therapeutic equipments. Their natural plant extracts are non-harmful and free of pollution. The plant extracts attack and combat airborne bacteria and virus, and decompose harmful substances. Their germ-killing effect has passed tests undertaken by authoritative organizations and universities. BioEm products operate in coordination with natural therapy and the non-toxic germ-killing health concept, which should be recommended to beauty and fitness centers, and also to those concern thier own health.” Dr Tam concluded.

Pacific Potential Trading Co. Ltd (Subsidiaries of Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd)

General Manager Carmen Cheung

Pacific Potential Trading Company Limited mainly focuses on Environmental Protection products, and is keen on emphasizing the importance of environmental protection inside the company as well. Carmen tried to install the BioEm Central Air Immunization System when her company moved into new building, as recommended by PVH, one of her clients. She and her colleagues are very satisfied with the system and no one has ever applied for sick leave after moving in for three months. Since the system was installed on four floors out of six, staffs have been feeling a big difference in air quality among the floors. “With the system installed, working becomes less exhausting than before, and we can work till eight or nine at night but still have a clear mind. I have a foreign client who worked in our office for a week only, he was surprised that he could work till late at night without feeling tired at all. He told us that when he worked in our previous office, he always had to leave at three in the afternoon.”

Carmen was herself a victim of the air pollution in Hong Kong, as she got skin allergy after shopping in Causeway Bay the day before the interview. She felt so helpless about the environment, but she can start improving the air quality at the company, “We have to actually work on the Corporate Social Responsibility, not just talk about it. Water and air is the essence of environment which have direct contact with people. It is important to provide the best to the staff if possible.” Pacific Potential values much on long-term development of the employees, and health of the people is as important as skills training. To Carmen, it is the core belief of management, “Company must protect and care about staff, because they are the most valuable asset.”

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