Office epidemic prevention service

Central epidemic prevention system

Make sure that the central air conditioning system in the office breeds bacteria and cleans the indoor air from the source to kill the bacteria.

Suitable for Meeting room, central air conditioning, public space


Central epidemic prevention system

Air-conditioned room

A.H.U Room

Air Handling Unit

How to measure


Decentralized Manner

The Population Density

Floor Plan

BioEm Epidemic Prevention System Wise Guard

Effective range: 2,000 square feet

Need to be placed in the wind to achieve the best results

Used in conjunction with BioEm Professional Purification Fluid:

Natural plant extract of bitter base and spearmint

Instant sterilization and deodorization

Fully penetrate all areas and gaps in the room

Ensure indoor air is always fresh and hygienic

ID880N air vaccination sprayer

ID880N air quarantine sprayer 24 hours automatic spray disinfection and purification liquid, can adjust the time to maintain low bacteria indoor space and improve air quality.

Suitable for toilets


Air quarantine sprayer

BioEm Immunization Dispenser

Capacity: 300ml

Auto Hand Sanitizing Dispenser

Automatic sensor mobile phone can be set at the door of the office for the convenience of guests, to avoid foreign bacteria brought into the building

Suitable for office doors


Auto Hand Sanitizing Dispenser