Concern Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The quality of indoor air quality is closely related to the health relationship. The Government has not only established the “Indoor Air Quality Information Center” by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Agency to promote and disseminate information on indoor air quality. The “Indoor Air Quality Management Plan” has also been implemented to strengthen Public attention to indoor air quality. One of the main tasks in the Indoor Air Quality Management (PRSP) is to implement the “Indoor Air Quality Assurance Scheme for Office and Public Places”, which will be “voluntary” and “good” Two levels are used as indoor air quality indicators, and indicators are rated according to different parameters (see table below).

In fact, there are many parameters that can affect indoor air quality. The bacteria in the air, is difficult to deal with and threaten the health of a human parameter, it cannot be ignored.

BioEm Air Sanitizing and Purifying Liquid Patented natural formula, which can effectively kill a variety of common airborne bacteria to enhance indoor air quality. Examples have shown that BioEm’s indoor air quality (IAQ) program can effectively reduce the amount of bacteria in the air to achieve excellence.

Customer Case:
Customer: Hair Corner
Venue: 2nd Floor, Duke of Wellington, 14 – 24 Wellington Street, Central

Test Results:
Bacterial content after BioEm service: 9 cfu / m3
After use the effect is higher than the excellent level 50 times
*Air Quality Indicators issued by the World Health Organization::
Excellence in air containing less than500 cfu/m3;good grade air with less than1,000 cfu/m3

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