Building epidemic prevention service

Building Health

  • Building Physiology: The ventilation system, sewage system, and cooling system of the building need to be unblocked.
  • Building pathology: identify system problems, analyze the causes and "conditions", prescribe the right medicine, and establish a monitoring mechanism.
  • Building waste: Buildings absorb a large amount of waste every day: including carbon dioxide, bacteria, viruses, garbage, excrement produced by people, and volatile organic compounds released by building materials and furniture, which need to be effectively discharged.
  • Building Epidemic Prevention: For sick building diseases, an effective indoor air disinfection system must be established.

AHU = Air Handling Unit

AHU is a central air-conditioning sanitizing system that cooperates with the use of BioEm air sanitizing & Purifying Liquid. AHU is not only improve the indoor air quality to an excellent level, reduce bacteria and viruses, but also reduce the sick building syndrome of employees.

Applicable to: exhibitions, shopping malls, conference rooms, central air conditioning, public spaces

Range of use: 10,000 square feet units.

Price: It costs around $7,000 to $9,000 per month*

*Assuming AHU is used in a low density 10,000 square feets office at low consumption and 10 hours per day, AHU will use 4 cylinders of 2.5 liters of BioEm air sanitizing & purifying liquid per month.
*Prices will vary depending on the actual environment

AHU Case study 1

Indoor air quality achievingExcellent of Excellence air quality: a well-known real estate company